Monika Sarkadi

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I work as the official Guide at the St. Stephen's Basilica

I am dedicated to make people the best experience here, in Budapest. My mission is to share with you our city’s beauty and make you understand our place in history. Although we are a small country, we have a lot of stories to tell.

I can promise you Budapest with all the must-sees, but show you the hidden places and secrets as well.

Although I must know all the facts and dates, (since I am doing this forever) I know that it can be overwhelming to know the age of every rock in Hungary, so I promise you not to bore you with all the facts (unless you ask for it).

My tours are customized, it’s up to you what you want to learn/hear about:


You like huge castles and stories about Kings?

You Want to know why a small country proclaimed war on America in 1941?

How tall? How old? Who Built it and why?

Which block buster movies was shot here?

Or why is our Statue of Liberty the best in the universe? (Hint: because it has a shape of a beer opener).

Than I am the guide you are looking for.

Must Sees